Congratulations to Our 2016 ICNS Conference Survey Contest Winner

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Thanks to all who completed our 2016 ICNS Conference survey. Based on a random drawing of eligible survey participants, the 2016 ICNS Conference survey prize winner is Joe Zambrano, who wins the Fitbit One.

Joe ZambranoJoe Zambrano serves as a researcher at Laboratory of Space Technologies, Embedded System, Navigation and Avionics (LASSENA) in Montreal, Canada. He received a master’s degree in engineering from the École de Technologie Supérieure in 2012, where he is currently pursuing a doctorate in electrical engineering.

His master’s project developed in LASSENA Labs focused on the integration of Simulink ADS-B model in software-defined radio. His doctoral research focuses on the cognitive approach to reconfigurable software-defined wideband radio for satellite communications in aeronautical applications and ad hoc avionic networks.

He is alumni of the International Space University and has attended the Space Studies Program 2014 in Montreal, Canada, where he was a participant in the Autonomous Mission for On-Orbit Servicing project, which proposes to service defective satellites in low Earth orbit using unmanned space technologies.