2017 Announcements

Welcome to ICNS 2017

Welcome to the 17th Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems (ICNS) Conference. I am pleased to announce that distinguished Mr. Jim Eck, Assistant Administrator for NextGen at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), will deliver the keynote address. Mr. Eck is leading the modernization of the National Airspace System (NAS) from legacy air traffic control to […]

Call for Participation 2017

Theme: “CNS Challenges for UAS Integration”

This year, ICNS will emphasize on the challenges of integrating UAS into the managed airspace and CNS challenges to facilitate that integration. Special consideration will be given to papers addressing reduced size, weight and power achieved through integrated CNS avionics and mitigation of physical and cyber security threats arising from UAS integration.

Participation in the 2017 ICNS Conference will provide insight to the aviation community about state of the art and guidance on related standardization aspects to develop and deploy UAS in the national and global air spaces.

Outstanding Plenary Sessions and Interactive Workshop

  • Tuesday, April 18: Plenary: Global Harmonization
  • Wednesday, April 19: Plenary: Standardization for UAS
  • Wednesday, April 19: Interactive Workshop: Drones, the Sky’s the Limit
  • Thursday, April 20: Plenary: CNS for UAS Integration