2012 Announcements

News and announcements posted for the ICNS Conference 2012.

Video Available from ICNS 2012 Keynote: “Air Travel: From Luxury to Lemmings,” by Mike Harrison

The video from Mike Harrison’s Keynote, “Air Travel: From Luxury to Lemmings,” is now available. Think about what it’s like to fly now: no meals, pay for carry-ons, pat downs, 3 ounce liquids, disappearing leg room. How did it come to this? Believe it or not, flying used to be exciting, a luxury, an adventure […]

Congratulations to Our 2012 ICNS Conference Survey Contest Winner

Thanks to all who completed our 2012 ICNS Conference survey. Based on a random drawing of eligible survey participants, the 2012 ICNS Conference survey prize winner is Walid Shawbaki. He wins the brand new Amazon Kindle Touch. Shawbaki is chief engineer and a program engineer at L-3 Communications, leading small and large aircraft avionics modification projects […]

Thanks for a Great 2012 ICNS Conference!

Dear 12th ICNS attendees and supporters, Thank you for your attendance at this year’s 12th Integrated Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance (ICNS) conference in Herndon, VA this year. It is your continued attendance support of this important and focused conference and others like it that keeps our international CNS/ATM family close. I was especially impressed with […]

Welcome to ICNS 2012: Bridging CNS and ATM

We’re pleased you can attend this 12th edition of the ICNS Conference, Bridging CNS and ATM. During the past 11 years since its inception, the ICNS conference has fostered information exchange, collaboration and education for the CNS/ATM community. New research, development and implementation programs have been described, discussed and advanced. The progress of ongoing programs […]

Call for Participation 2012

“Bridging CNS and ATM”