2015 Announcements

News and announcements posted for the ICNS Conference 2015.

Congratulations to Our 2015 ICNS Conference Survey Contest Winner

Thanks to all who completed our 2015 ICNS Conference survey. Based on a random drawing of eligible survey participants, the 2015 ICNS Conference survey prize winner is Susan Thistlethwaite, who wins the Fitbit One.

Best Paper Competition Winners Announced for ICNS 2015

Congratulations to the winners for the ICNS Conference 2015 Best Paper Competitions in the student and professional categories.

Welcome to ICNS 2015

Thank you for attending the 15th annual Integrated Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference. There is growing consensus amongst transportation industry analysts that we are entering a new “golden era” of transportation. The signs are all round us: decreasing vehicles mile travelled (VMT), reductions in available seat miles per gross domestic product (ASMS/GDP), cap-n-trade, fees, noise […]

ICNS 2015 Key Highlights

Key Highlights for the 2015 ICNS Conference Tuesday, April 21 Welcome and Conference Keynote “Tackling the Challenges Ahead” Philippe Merlo, Director, Air Traffic Management, EUROCONTROL Plenary Panel “Global Harmonization,” chaired by Steve Bradford, FAA, and Michael Standar, SESAR Joint Undertaking Exhibitor Welcome Keynote Keynote Speaker, Michael Harrison, “Technology of Conflicts and Civil Aviation,” a history of […]

2015 ICNS Workshop Overview

The theme for the 2015 ICNS Workshop is “Future Satellite Systems as Enabler for CNS.” The goal is to explore the feasibility of using satellite infrastructure to integrate CNS services – opportunities, challenges and possible solutions. It will be an interactive session with few presentations followed by discussions with questions from the audience. The results of the […]

Call for Participation 2015

Theme: Innovation in Operations, Implementation Benefits and Integration of the CNS Infrastructure