2018 Announcements

News and announcements posted for the ICNS Conference 2018.

Best Paper Awards for ICNS 2018

ICNS Best Paper Awards were presented on April 11, during the second day of the 2018 ICNS Conference. Congratulations to the recipients on their efforts.

2018 ICNS Champion Award Presented to Steve Bradford and Michael Standar

The 2018 ICNS Champion Award was jointly presented to Steve Bradford and Michael Standar on April 10, the first day of this year’s ICNS Conference.

Welcome to ICNS 2018

Welcome to the 18th Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Systems (ICNS) Conference. I am pleased to announce that distinguished Dr. Phillipe Merlo, Director of Air Traffic Management for EUROCONTROL, will present the conference keynote address. Dr. Merlo is responsible for the areas of air traffic management, research and development, including the respective relations to international […]

Call for Participation 2018

Conference Theme: “External Drivers on CNS Evolution” The Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference is the premier international aviation conference addressing technology and policy advances in CNS – new research, development and implementation programs and policies related to ICNS/ATM capabilities and applications. Jointly sponsored by government and industry, the ICNS Conference assembles national and […]