ICNS Champion Award

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The ICNS Champion Award recognizes specific individual(s) with significant contribution to the CNS field (scientific/policy contributions), and in addition, if possible support of the ICNS Conference (organization/success).

Nominations for 2020 are open until 25 February 2020. 

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Past Award Winners


Chris Wargo

Chris Wargo (center), with Dr. Nikos Fistas and Tom Redling

Chris Wargo is no stranger to ICNS. He has been one of the participants of the NASA workshop on ICNS technologies for Advanced Future Air Transportation Systems organised in May 2001, which effectively was the first ICNS conference. He has over 30 years of experience developing and implementing telecommunication and information systems for the commercial and government sectors, with a specialty in the CNS systems associated with aviation mobile platforms. His experience includes 20 years engineering of large-scale hardware and software programs for applications in NAS, airlines systems development and operations, as well as, ten years in the military C3I project. Chris is a program manager and director of business development for Mosaic ATM. He is leading Mosaic ATM’s Autonomous Systems Group and the company activities for UAS in the NAS integration. Read the full announcement


Steve Bradford & Michael Standar

Standar Bradford ICNS Champion Award 2018

Steve Bradford, in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Michael Standar, in SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU), have been leading the international harmonization activities of their respective organizations and have been instrumental at the discussion at global level and in particular in the ICAO. In particular, they have been key driving forces of the European and U.S. coordination plan activities involving the FAA and SJU and have been the visible faces behind the evolution of the NexGEN/SESAR “State of Harmonization” document. More recently, they led the development of a joint EU/US A/G datalink road map which is expected to contribute in achieving the required harmonization and support the interoperability that airspace users are requesting. Both Steve and Michael have been instrumental in establishing a CNS vision and policies that guide the ongoing CNS activities at developments in the U.S., Europe as well as at ICAO level. Read the full announcement


Diana Liang

Diana Liang

Diana Liang was the first recipient of the ICNS Champion Award in 2017. Diana has dedicated herself towards the advancement of the CNS tools that support the aviation community’s needs of the future. She has successfully provided direction on the development and fielding of many of the FAA’s NextGen programs and enabling technologies.