ICNS 2018

 "External Drivers on CNS Evolution"

The CNS/ATM community presents its latest findings in the interactive and agile environment of the 2018 ICNS Conference, with the customary and expected exchange of current information. This year, the conference impact will be broadened by inviting and integrating subject matter experts from other parts of the ATM domain, including airline operators, airport authorities, and datalink service providers.

The more inclusive nature of the participation provides an opportunity for an enhanced and efficient perspective to the researchers from the external stakeholders, with the view toward better understanding economic needs, limitations, and operational benefits; successful CNS/ATM development and deployment relies the collaboration between all stakeholders.

The invited experts shall discuss also their opinions on external factors that drive their collective needs (e.g., climate change, aircraft design evolution, UAV integration, economic purchasing power of passengers, radio frequency spectrum constraints, emerging new aviation systems). Including the cornerstone plenary session on global harmonization of standards, the plenary sessions will help set the stage for the expected economic, operational, and external context for the research presentations.

Currently available information: