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ICNS Champion Award Nomination

Nominations for the ICNS Champion Award are invited by all interested parties and can be done by filling out the form below. A copy of the nomination will be emailed to both the nominator and the ICNS awards chair. All fields are required.

  • Nominator Information

    As the nominator, complete your information below.
  • We will send confirmation of this submission to your email address.
  • Award Nominee Information

    Complete the award nominee information below.
  • Please include as much of the award nominee's name as possible.
  • Please cover how the candidate(s) have made significant contributions to CNS/ATM field. You may also paste from a Word document and/or format copy as needed.

    Please keep to a maximum of 800 words (5000 characters).

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.