Call for Participation 2008

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The 2008 Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference, jointly sponsored by government and industry, addresses research and development of integrated CNS technologies for advanced aeronautical digital information systems and applications supporting the future global air transportation systems.

The Conference is focused on understanding CNS programs, plans, research and technology, and other relevant issues for both near/mid-term (by 2015) and far-term (beyond 2015) time frames.

The conference will include three plenary sessions, opening with Future of Airspace, in which the JPDO updates NextGen CNS activities and EUROCONTROL describes SESAR status and progress. An Operational Challenges plenary focuses on users and requirements. The final plenary is all about Getting Connected so that Information Creates NextGen Services – ICNS! Afternoon technical sessions provide detailed information on ICNS topics each day.

Exhibits and product demonstrations by representatives of key CNS-related Industries/Organizations are highly encouraged.

  • Integrated CNS Systems and Architectures – Research, Technology, Demonstrations and Evaluations
  • Communications Systems and Networks
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • CNS Link Security
  • Avionics Integration
  • Safety, Certification and Operational Procedures
  • Aviation Spectrum
  • Aviation Weather
  • SWIM and Net Centric Air Transportation
  • Performance-Based CNS/ATM
  • 4-D Trajectory Operations and Automation
  • CNS Systems for UAV/UAS

Abstract Submission

  • Authors are invited to submit Abstracts of up to 1000 words by February 14, 2008 on any of the topics listed.

Follow-up Deadlines

  • Notification of acceptance will occur by March 13, 2008.
  • Final Papers are encouraged for publication in the proceedings and are due April 24, 2008.
  • Conference Presentations are due April 28, 2008.