Video Available from ICNS 2012 Keynote: “Air Travel: From Luxury to Lemmings,” by Mike Harrison

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The video from Mike Harrison’s Keynote, “Air Travel: From Luxury to Lemmings,” is now available.

Think about what it’s like to fly now: no meals, pay for carry-ons, pat downs, 3 ounce liquids, disappearing leg room. How did it come to this? Believe it or not, flying used to be exciting, a luxury, an adventure that made your friends jealous! Well, it’s sure not that way anymore!

Mike Harrison takes an entertaining look at how we progressed from the early days of luxurious air travel to a barely tolerable endurance run where, like lemmings, we simply follow the throngs and accept whatever indignities are thrown our way.

On Tuesday evening, April 24 at the 2012 ICNS Conference Exhibitors Reception, Mike Harrison, Aviation Management Associates, gave the keynote address, “Air Travel: From Luxury to Lemmings.” The conference was held at the Westin Washington Dulles Airport, Herndon, Virginia.

This is Mr. Harrison’s second keynote at the ICNS Conference. In 2011, he presented, “From Creation of the NAS to Creation of Next Gen — Born Again.”