2014 ICNS Workshop – Final Report Available

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This year’s 2014 ICNS started a new approach for an even more intense knowledge exchange and for increased interaction between conference participants by establishing interactive workshops.

Workshop Theme: Integration of Advanced CNS Capabilities supporting NextGen/SESAR/CARATS.

The results of the workshop were summarized to the conference participants and captured into a workshop report.

ICNS 2014 Workshop Report (.pdf)

The workshop took place Thursday, April 10, 2014, in two parts.

  • Part One: 10:30 a.m. to noon on the 10th followed by lunch. Designated workshop panelists will give a short presentation during this time.
  • Part Two: followed in the afternoon from approximately 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., and was in a similar setting to Part One, except including a reception.

Workshop Panelists

  • Chris Adams, EUROCONTROL (Maastricht Operational Controller)
  • Didier Delibes, Airbus (Aircraft Manufacturer)
  • Aslaug Haraldsdottir, Boeing ATM (Aircraft Manufacturer, Dynamic RNP)
  • Sam Miller, AEEC, RTCA SC 227 (Avionics Standardization ARINC 660b), MITRE
  • Andrew Onken, ARINC/Rockwell Collins (Communication Service Provider)
  • Aloke Roy, Honeywell (Avionics Manufacturer)
  • Rocky Stone, United Airlines (Operational Pilot, RTCA SC 206)
  • Rip Torn, Delta Airlines/ALPA/IFALPA (NexGen Users)

Workshop Leaders: John Gonda (MITRE) and Michael Schnell (DLR). Workshop Recorder: Roy Oishi (ARINC, Ret).

Year after year, ICNS attracts both policy makers and excellent scientists from governments, industry, and research – just the right mixture to discuss hot topics and to find potential solutions. ICNS already utilizes this concentration of policy makers and researchers by an appropriate split between plenary and technical sessions. The interactive workshop as third pillar will add significant value to participation in ICNS.