2016 ICNS Workshop

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The theme for the 2016 ICNS Workshop is “How Drones are Changing the World We Live In”

The interactive workshop includes panelists who are generating revenue by successfully integrating drones into their operations (surveying, cartography, entertainment). They will talk about how the drones have revolutionized their business, the roadblocks they had to overcome, and the challenges they foresee in the future.

Day & Time: Wednesday, April 20, 10:30 a.m. – Noon (See full ICNS 2016 Agenda)

Chairs: Dr. Lance Sherry (George Mason University) and Denise Ponchak (NASA Glenn Research Center)

ICNS 2016 Workshop: “How Drones are Changing the World We Live In”

Ms. Denise Ponchak, Dr. Uwe-Carsten Fiebig, Mr. Rob Pappas, Dr. Qassim Abdullah, Mr. Brett Velicovich, and Dr. Lance Sherry


2016 ICNS Workshop Agenda, “How Drones are Changing the World We Live In”
10:30WelcomeDr. Lance SherryCenter for Air Transportation Systems Research at George Mason University (Director)
10:35UAS Pathfinder Program: News Reporting, Precision Ag, Train Track SurveillanceMr. Rob PappasFAA UAS Integration Office – UAS Pathfinder Program
10:50Retail and EntertainmentMr. Brett VelicovichExpert Drones (Founder & CEO)
11:00Geospatial SolutionsDr. Qassim AbdullahWoolpert Inc. (Senior Geospatial Scientist)
11:10CartographyMr. Tom VenetsanosBowman Consulting (Project Manager)
11:20Future ApplicationsDr. Uwe-Carsten FiebigGerman Aerospace Center – DLR (Department Manager Institute of Communications and Navigation)