2018 ICNS Champion Award Presented to Steve Bradford and Michael Standar

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The 2018 ICNS Champion Award was jointly presented to Steve Bradford and Michael Standar on April 10, the first day of this year’s ICNS Conference.

Both Steve and Michael have been associated with the ICNS Conference since 2012, leading, facilitating and contributing to one of the key conference plenary sessions addressing the global harmonization and interoperability, as well as actively participating in the conference proceedings and discussions during all three days.

Standar Bradford ICNS Champion Award 2018

Michael Standar, Steve Bradford, Recipients of the 2018 ICNS Champion Award.

Steve, in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Michael, in SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU), have been leading the international harmonization activities of their respective organizations and have been instrumental at the discussion at global level and in particular in the ICAO.

In particular, they have been key driving forces of the European and U.S. coordination plan activities involving the FAA and SJU and have been the visible faces behind the evolution of the NexGEN/SESAR “State of Harmonization” document. Recently they have led the development of a joint EU/US A/G datalink road map which is expected to contribute in achieving the required harmonization and support the interoperability that airspace users are requesting.

Both Steve and Michael have been instrumental in establishing a CNS vision and policies that guide the ongoing CNS activities at developments in the U.S., Europe as well as at ICAO level.

In ICNS 2018 Steve and Michael co-chaired the “Global Harmonization” plenary on the first day of the conference. In addition, Steve also chaired the second plenary, “Stakeholder Expectations on CNS from the Airport/Airlines Community,” which focused on the possible increased future use of commercially available systems and technologies in which Michael will also participated as a panelist.

The joint ICNS 2018 Champion Award recognizes their individual contributions as well as highlights the importance of working together.

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