Best Paper Awards for ICNS 2019

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ICNS Best Paper Awards were presented on April 10, during the second day of the 2019 ICNS Conference. Congratulations to the recipients on their efforts.

Best Professional Paper

“Towards Successful Realization of the LDACS Cybersecurity Architecture: An Updated Datalink Security Threat- and Risk Analysis”

Nils Mäurer, German Aerospace Center, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, Corinna Schmitt, Research Institute CODE, Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany

2nd Best Professional Paper

“L-DACS Spectral Efficiency”

Pierluigi Fantappie’, Leonardo S.p.A., Florence, Italy

3rd Best Professional Paper

“Design of a Display for Alerting Cockpit Automation Function Configuration Changes”

Lance Sherry, Oleksandra “Sasha” Donnelly, Center for Air Transportation Systems Research at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

Best Student Papers, Five Topics

Best Student Paper – Flight Operations

“A Holographic Checklist Assistant for the Singe Pilot”

Andres Arango Perez, Dr. Ferdinand Behrend

Best Student Paper – Cybersecurity

“A System Engineering Approach to Appraise Cybersecurity Risks of CNS/ATM and Avionics Systems”

Lanka Bogoda, John Mo, Cees Bil

Best Student Paper – Climate Change

“Characterizing Lightning-Strike Hazard to Airport Facilities: A Case Study of Baltimore Washington International Airport”

Yiyi He, Jasenka Rakas, C. M. “Chuck” Graves

Best Student Paper – Communications

“A Flooding-based Routing Algorithm for ADS-B Packets Transmission in LEO Satellite Network”

Yichen Wang, Xuejun Zhang, Tao Zhang

Best Student Paper – Unmanned Systems

“Urban Air Mobility Regional Landing Site Feasibility and Fare Model Analysis in the Greater Northern California Region”

Sayantan Tarafdar, Mihir Rimjha, Nicolas Hinze, Susan Hotle, Antonio A. Trani