Call for Participation 2009

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“The Integrated Trajectory” – Getting There

The 2009 Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance (ICNS) Conference, jointly sponsored by government, civil and military, and industry, addresses research and development of integrated CNS technologies for advanced aeronautical digital information systems and applications supporting the future global air transportation systems.

The Conference is focused on understanding CNS programs, plans, research and technology, and other relevant issues for the near-term, mid-term (2012 – 2018) and far-term (beyond 2025).

Each day begins with a plenary session. Wednesday morning is all about NextGen, highlighting progress to date and implementation plans. Thursday morning will focus on Net-Centricity, addressing use in military applications, the FAA’s acquisition progress, and plans for demonstrations. Surveillance is the topic for Friday’s plenary, discussing progress on ADS-B, future plans, and integration of traditional radar information with ADS-B.

Every afternoon, parallel technical sessions will be held on specific ICNS topics.

Papers and presentations are requested for the technical sessions along the key topical areas listed below. Exhibits and product demonstration by representatives of CNS-related Industries/Organizations are also invited.

  • CNS Systems Architectures
  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Surveillance
  • Information Sharing Environment (Net-Centricity)
  • Standards for CNS/ATM
  • Safe Air Transportation System
  • Secure Air Transportation System
  • Performance-Based ATM
  • Improved Environmental Performance
  • Aircraft/Airline Operations for NextGen
  • Trajectory Based Operations
  • Federal Aviation Incentives and/or Mandates
  • Air/Ground Integration
  • Military Operations in NextGen

Abstract Submission

Authors are invited to submit abstracts of no more than 1000 words by February 20, 2009 on any of the topics listed.

Follow-up Deadlines

  • Notification of acceptance will occur by March 9, 2009.
  • Updated: Final Papers are encouraged for publication in the proceedings and are due April 17, 2009 May 1, 2009.
  • Updated: Conference Presentations are due May 1, 2009 May 5, 2009.